Monday, January 12, 2009

It feels good...

to love the world. To love every being, everything and everyone. If you find yourself struggling day by day, how about trying something. Change how you think for a day. When something bad happens, why not think positive about it. It cant hurt! You can learn from experiences that challenge you. See if you feel different about the world, about yourself, about other people. Wouldn't you rather love the world than hate the world.

Everyone deserves love. Everyone deserves happiness. Feel love and happiness within yourself, and share this to everyone you know and don't know. A smile can change a person's day. A smile can change how a person perceives the world. Why not try smiling at every stranger that walks by. Occasionally you'll find that the person will smile back at you. This brings the other person happiness, and it brings you happiness. Even if they don't smile back, you are still smiling, and this is important.

Walk with a sense of awe. You are walking on Earth, an object floating in dark matter. You are walking on the only place we know so far that contains and sustains life. Walk with your head up, you never know what you'll see when you are open to it, when you are observing life around you. There is so much beauty on this planet, so much raw nature that is often over-looked. The sight of a bird flying through the wind, moving so peacefully, so freely. The sun casting rays of light though the clouds. Clouds dissolving into nothingness as they move through the sky. Water, completely still. Water, moving in ripples. The moon, glowing in the darkness. Venus, always the first to greet us as day becomes night.

Never forget just how magnificent this little planet is in the scheme of things.
We are part of the Universe, something utterly amazing.

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  1. i love your writing fox :)
    and totally agree, even if i might not be disciplined enough to practice it
    xx izzy


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