Friday, November 21, 2008

Celebrations all around.

Good afternoon beautiful beings. Today, the weather has been unpredictable so far. Just a few hours ago it was raining which by all means is not a bad thing - especially for thriving plants, animals and crops. It only becomes a slight problem when my brother is throwing a party tonight which is mainly outside! I guess that unpredictable weather is just a reminder that life is unpredictable. You can only expect or assume so much, but in the end, the outcome is what it is and we should be willing to accept, cherish and love the outcome. You also have the power to create any outcome you seek. Reality is not set in stone.

On a related note, I am also due to present a speech to my brother Davie as it's his 21st year in this life form (well, in a month it will be!). I should start that soon, VERY soon!

The rugs in my room have been kidnapped to use downstairs, so now my floor is as bare as.. well.. floor boards. The room suddenly looks a lot more wooden. I guess this kind of makes sense considering the bed frame, bed side table frame, floor and acoustic guitar all are of a similar colour.. I haven't quite appreciated it like this until now.

Last night, a group of us celebrated Jae's 18th celebration at Connections (Jae is a close friend of mine and Connections is a gay club in Perth). I had a great time as I'm sure every one else did as well. There was sweet music, free alcohol and a lot of happy people. I saw some girls I hadn't seen for a year - that was nice! When the night came to an end, I was lucky enough to spend my unconsciousness hours lying (but really, passed out) next to a beautiful being who I then had the pleasure of waking up next to.

Will blog soon!

Lot's of love to everyone reading and not reading and remember, the more you smile externally, the more you smile internally.

Love, Integrity, Wisdom, Peace.

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  1. i love it rae.
    i wish i could write like that
    but i cant.
    keep it up tho.
    i love reading all about it
    gets me thinking bout everything.
    miss you
    and our morning chats:(
    love dais


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